Friday, May 4, 2007

Teachers Receive Golden Apple Awards

(Tuesday, May 1, 2007) The Rotary Club of Jonesboro recognized Craighead County's cream of the teaching crop. Eleven elementary school teachers received Golden Apple Awards for their work in the Jonesboro, Valley View, Nettleton, Bay, Westside and Brookland school districts. Read the entire article reprinted from The Sun along with individual photos of all recipients.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

CHICAGO — In a move that will impact all Rotary clubs, the 2007 Council on Legislation Wednesday passed an enactment to increase per capita dues beginning in 2008-09, with the increase going into effect July 2008. The enactment (07-283), proposed by the RI Board of Directors, effectively raises dues Rotary club members pay US$1 per year through 2010-11.

The enactment pertains to Article 17.030 of the Bylaws of Rotary International, and maintains dues at $23.50 per half year in 2007-08, increases to $24.00 per half year in 2008-2009, $24.50 per half year in 2009-10, and $25.00 per half year in 2010-11.

Treasurer Frank N. Goldberg said the dues increase was necessary, citing costs of supporting an increased number of Rotary clubs and districts in recent years. The moderate increase will help maintain the worldwide operations and essential services of RI, including international meetings and communications, while helping to offset inflation. Read more about the Rotary International Council on Legislation, read each day's report and see how the council voted on each proposal.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Brazilian GSE Team Photos

The Rotary District 4490 (Brazil) GSE Team has arrived in District 6150. They will present their program at our club on Tuesday, April 24 and the Jonesboro Metro club will join us. To view some photos of the team upon their arrival in Arkansas, click here.

District 4490 is located in northeastern Brazil and includes 36 cities and 78 clubs, in the states of Ceará, Piauí and Maranhão. The District covers 727.613 square kilometers with a total population of 16.555.821 inhabitants. To view a clickable map of Brazil, click here.

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